If you are a beginner in using water-based inks, it will be easier if you start with a single color/multi-color on light fabrics. As you might have read, water-based inks can damage your screens. Flashing is a process wherein the garments are flashed with heat. At the higher end of the mesh count spectrum, you can print a more detailed image while maintaining a fair ink deposit. They can also be applied using a variety of techniques such as screen printing, stamping, stenciling, block, and mono printing. You might want to repeat the process (at least once) if you want a more vibrant white. Then, the manufacturer will convert those into usable products. It is ideal for anyone looking to print their designs on a cardboard and fabric paper. We’ve picked a few of the best available, so here are our reviews. ), which will disappear if left for a few seconds. In contrast to dyes, plastisol inks do not dye the threads of a garment, instead the inks wrap around them, forming a mechanical bond. Instead of flashing in between colors, you can print wet-on-wet when using water-based inks. All the 6 quality inks will produce a display of lustrous, brilliant colors when printed on any garment. Again, due to the so-called water-based revolution, the manufacturers addressed this problem by putting out products that do not easily dry-out. Below, we’ll explain the most common types of inks available today:eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hamblyscreenprints_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_9',125,'0','0'])); Plastisol is characterized by exceptional opacity and the ability to remain on the screen for longer periods of time without drying up. When you are done, make sure that all your platens are at the same distance from the press’ center. As long as you properly heat set this ink, it remains permanent on the substrate you print it on. Curing is usually done using a forced air dryer. Speedball Art Products FSPI8-4569 Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8 oz, Orange, 10. It comes packaged in 8oz jar and is made for printing on fabric paper as well as cardboard. The set is designed to meet the printing needs of anyone planning to screen print on dark fabrics. It includes an assortment of quality inks from Speedball (6 4-ounce jars, in total) in these colors— red, blue, black, white, and yellow. If you accidentally bought a water-based screen printing ink that dries-out faster, then here are some remedies you can do: Coat your screen with the manufacturer’s suggested lubricant. Remember what we said at the beginning of this post? How does curing work? Hunt The Moon Water Based Screen Printing Ink. Thin with. The water soluble ink also conforms to ASTM D 4236, meaning its non-flammable, non-toxic and does not produce unpleasant odors. Your platen acts as your guide when you are loading your shirts. This prevents your water-based inks from getting that muddy look. A lot of printers’ problems with water-based inks is that it easily dries out and long runs are not possible. The stretch test can be done by stretching your print. List of 5 Best screen printing inks Reviews. 7 Best Plastisol Ink for Screen Printing . Don’t forget the ink is easy to clean with soap and water without fading or getting discolored. £19.99 £ 19. Among the highest-quality brands in the market of inks, few can match Hunt the Moon when it comes to color vibrancy and durability. 02. Amazingly, these colors mix perfectly well and overlay beautifully, and you can easily thin and clean them using water. The ink is loved due to its ability to saturate your garment fibers and actually dye the garment instead of resting on top (like in the case of plastisol). 15 Best Screen Printing Machines Comparison Table 2020. Sit down and read about all the available options for you out there. SPEEDBALL 8-OUNCE FABRIC SCREEN PRINTING INK, BLACK, SPEEDBALL FABRIC SCREENPRINTING INK STARTER SET, JACQUARD PROFESSIONAL SCREENPRINTING INK - 119 SUPER OPAQUE WHITE, ideal for printing on papers and textiles, Ideal for use with a variety of techniques, Made for printing on dark colored fabrics, Ink colors include: white, black, silver, blue, yellow, raspberry, Offers smoother workability, greater coverage, Ideal for printing on textiles and papers, water based fabric ink-non-flammable, non-toxic, suitable for tees, tablecloth, and other fabrics, water soluble screen printing ink-non-toxic, non, achieves permanency when properly heat set, Speedball 8 Ounce Fabric Screen Printing, Black, Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set, Jacquard Professional Screenprinting Ink - 119 Super Opaque White, Our Top 11 Best Screen Printing Inks Reviews, 1. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Use a screen with a lower mesh count. As a beginner, I suggest you grab the opportunity to utilize said products. Bumps in the fabric, like zippers or pockets,  will cause distortion of the underbase. You should also ensure that the fabric ink you plan to buy works with the surface or materials you want to print on. Hunt The Moon Water Based Screen Printing Ink, Starter Kit Trial Pack, 6X 240ml. This may take some elbow grease but it is worth it. Your ink temperature can be controlled by adjusting the belt’s speed or the time when your prints are exposed to the heat. The ink is also water soluble, non-toxic, and non-flammable.