Afterwards you can return to Enthir and give him the Staff, receiving the Onmund's Amulet in return. I dont know how to find the quest ID for the dialogue between Faralda and Enthir. I also had a quest from the Winterhold College - Revealing the Unseen, about the Magnus staff. New main objective: Deliver the amulet to Onmund. I'm on Xbox 360, and I've beaten the College of Winterhold mainquest, and I'm now on the quest "Arniel's Endeavor". Open it and take the Grand Staff of Charming (screen above). As Quest-giver for the Azura's Star Quest line, he's been assigned CONJ robes. Note! Enthir is a student at the College of Winterhold. After the battle, examine his body and take the Staff of Tandil. Errandbug. This objective is common for both options, that is receiving the amulet at once or exchanging it for the Staff. Hob's Fall Cave), find the staff and take it back to Enthir. [Bug] Enthir - "This is going to be terrible for business" in Hard Answers. Restaurant Delivery & Errands Serving Lincoln Nebraska & surrounding areas – 877-ERND-BUG – 877-376-3284 (No specific reward for this apparently.) Well, so i google'd this problem and i saw a guide says that i cant trade with enthir if i am a archmage, and if i want to trade with him after being a archmage,i must first trade with him before being a archmage. When doing the Thieves Guild quest "Hard Answers" and after you've dealt with Thieves Guild Spoiler Enthir can get bugged out where he only says "This is going to be terrible for business". ... And Enthir seems to think that translating it is the key. 1. I gave Arniel the 10 dwemer cogs, and I found the staff that Enthir wants you to find, but when I bring the staff to him, his dialogue options are "What do you have for sale" "hows business" and 2 other 'business' related ones. Arniel will now ask you to speak with Enthir to ask for his package. The Staff should be in possession of the strongest enemy occupying the chosen location (screen above) and unfortunately you have to reckon with the fact that he will have highly developed magic skills. Go figure. After getting the staff return to Enthir and then the amulet back to Onmund. Faralda and Enthir bugs. They have not defined the company’s service vision or initiative. And because they were very close together on the map I decided to visit both locations then return to the College. Enthir will get short with you (as usual) and tell you that the courier NEVER arrived. New main objective: Deliver the staff to Enthir New main objective: Talk to Arniel So thanks for the suggestion! The mother-to-be went into labour at home, after clicking "give birth at hospital" I checked who should accompany her there. You'll gain a follower in Onmund if you so choose, but the only reward will be the loot you got from the staff's location. At the hospital I let them check in at front desk, then nothing happened. Go there (e.g. Confirmed that the weapons rack bypass works for the glitch/bug on the Xbox 360! Enthir will send you to a random location to search for a Staff of Tandil that was stolen. He will then give you the Warped Soul Gem that Arniel needs. So I got a quest from Enthir to retrieve the Grand Staff of Charming. Here is a short list of 10 reasons why companies fail to deliver great customer service. Sup guys, i hav been trying to trade with Enthir to buy some Daedric hearts, but when i talked to him, all he said to me is .... i forgot.