Second (above right) our photo shows a crack between the face of the fireplace and the fireplace box itself. Nothing about base board or quarter round says modern minimalist. You could research farmhouse decorating choices until the cows come home. Installing hardwood moldings around fireplace hearths has never been an attractive solution for covering up those gaps. If the store where you are buying it from could show you some photos of each installed and how they look when down in the room - that might help you!! Afterwards, there was a gap between the new oak wood frame and the slate hearth. However, a gap between a floor … This will take more time than caulk, grout, or whatever else, and have a steeper learning curve if you've not done it before. Should I grout or caulk the gap between the tile and the brick hearth? When it does show wear, as it will some day depending on your usage, you simply refinish it. Left or Right? To make matters worse, the. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This lets the stove sit fairly close against the back wall. We have recently installed new hard-wood flooring. I just bought a new build home and have had the same debate - and after doing a lot of research on the topic, I've settled on engineered hardwood floors. How do I full this space/gap so that it looks good? So, lots of considerations here. Without seeing the entire layout, however, this one is a hard call. Also, solid and engineered hardwoods can be sanded down the same amount of times because you will eventually hit the staples/nails used to install both types of flooring when you sand them down. Luckily if you use the caulk solution you can always cut it out with a utility knife and try again :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HomeImprovement community. So yes, floorboards can be attached to the joists. As stated above, the floor should have gone in first (with the gap), followed by the stonework on the fireplace to cover the gap. If you you know you are doing something we offer on floor samples (3x3) in many combinations and finishes. Good luck. Fix Gaps between Boards in a Hardwood Floor. Hardwood at Fireplace Hearths. The baseboards cover the gaps around the perimeter of the room and a piece of matching 1/4 round or inside corner molding would normally cover the gap around the fireplace. The D.I.Y video How To Seal A Big Gap Between Tile Floor And Tile Wall In A Bathroom Or Shower. I will tile 12" surrounding the firebox and build a wood surround and mantle to encase the brick. Houzz Tour: ’50s Ranch Redo Could Be a Keeper, Contractor Tips: Smooth Moves for Hardwood Floors, My Houzz: Peeling Back Layers in a 1908 Home, What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors, Houzz TV: See Recycled Walls and Cool Cassette Art in a Woodsy DIY Home, New This Week: Proof the Formal Dining Room Isn’t Dead, Kitchen cabinet suggestions - white vs maple. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. First at above left we see a gap that has opened up between the fireplace floor and the hearth (above-left). AFC is doing right by you here. That way the floor can be one level throughout the house. If the desire was for no trim pieces then that should have been the plan from the beginning. If you can't find one, it's not hard to build some molding that size, provided you can find an appropriately-sized piece of wood. It would have been an added expense that would have been agreed upon at the very, very, very beginning. Regency I2400 Fireplace Insert, on partially self-built hearth Replacing: old Nashua that supplied forced hot air from garage, now with broken baffle Two dogs, a wee one who knows not to touch wood stoves, a cat who likes the cold, and a man who likes it hot. Make sure the tape is at least as thick as the gap you are looking to fill, as it will automatically expand to the thickness of the joint once it is in place. I do think that the edges should at least line up, and it looks like they weren't sanded/perfected.). Allow the caulk to dry and set, and you’re good to go! Regards, Jim. There is no backing so I also have to find something to hold the compound / plaster in place. Its all about shear forces being placed on an HDF joint. Anyway, back to the drawing. Cut the Thickness Away. These problems below are why people should focus on fixing the baseboard and floor’s gap: It’s an aesthetic drag. Sadly, the installer (boots on the ground guy) was probably left out of the conversation. I would look for a thin tile the same as the fireplace to act as trim at the bottom and yes an expansion gap is common. Of course, there will be a gap between the floor and the brick. If You Could Talk to Your House, What Would You Say? We put down one little test patch of fabric in a place that would not be seen, and what we got after the year was something akin to the difference between fluffy white clouds and dark storm clouds. Depending on the climate where you live, engineered hardwood can last longer. Very, very, very tough. Or you could just check out our hand-picked roundup here, Constructeurs de maisons - Toulouse et environs, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, 11 Things You Didn’t Think You Could Fit Into a Small Bedroom. En savoir plus. And it is is renewable. We just had our floor installed and felt that the installer didn't make it tight enough and left a gap that requires caulking. Of what you have received concerning your question so far, AFC Inc. is right, and has given you the most valuable advice, in my opinion. Or house settling away from fireplace? Then you can give your wooden floors a brand-new look, Dreaming of gorgeous, natural wood floors? jambs have rounded corners. Joined: 15 May 2018 Messages: 110 Thanks Received: 0 Country: Our hearth is sat on a plinth which was supposed to be only 1mm taller than the height of the wood floor which has just been laid, to allow the floor to have an expansion gap beneath the lip of the hearth sat above it. I'm wondering if we can fill the gaps somehow without lowering or replacing the casings. Just find a small trim piece for that. 4 Lay a piece of end molding in the gap so that it overlaps the hearth and the wood. It’s not going to cause your house to light on fire. But that would have been discusses with both the point of sales AND the installer (the guy who did the work). A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. Please contact us if we can be of further help. Posted on October 10, 2018 by Lumberjack News. Sparks may fall into this space, causing a building fire. Is this a sign of fireplace separating from the house? Archived. User account menu. It darkens. Yours in Floors Zach Liske Floor Huggers. (Note: did the installer realize that there would be no quarter-round? In the kitchen, the wood will hold up fine. Gap between floor and hearth too big. This helps our clients make up their minds before doing the whole floor. At the end of the year, even though they were at their limits of trust of me at the start, they couldn't thank me enough. Had this been thought through, the floors would have gone down first and the finish on the fireplace would have been last. Please find your contract and find where it says the finish around the fire place. Flooring dilemma! Feel free to right back with any direct questions, or, if you do live around DC, please feel free to contact my work number. I live in Canada and due to the changing temperatures, the wood wood flooring will expand and contract regularly, which causes warping in solid hardwood floors. Can't Decide Between Two Hardwood Floor Colors! However, it still can cause a slew of other issues. Our contractor finished our hearths with a molding to cover up the gaps at the border, and it looks good. It is a more challenging order because much more care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the floor while doing stonework. This will tell you if it was planned for or not. What type of caulk or sealant should I use to fill a space on my fireplace hearth between the slate & the wood frame that surrounds it. Surely this is possible? Fortunately, you can easily fix the gap with the right caulk. You don't caulk it. I have laid ceramic floor tile on my concrete basement floor, including around the brick fireplace hearth. The hardwood floor was refinished, but the wood framing around the fireplace hearth needed to be replaced. Strangely there other area was nice and tight. At this point, you need to find out what can be done. Could anyone tell me if this is the tightest that the installer could do? While a fireplace is a source of beauty and warmth in the cold weather, the heat generated from a fire will take its toll on the fireplace over time. You can run the new flooring at a 45 degree angle to the joists with no problem. Using a dado blade on the table saw, cut some of the thickness away. I think it's a good idea to have some space. I've removed the raised hearth and will be tiling the hearth flush with hardwood floor. 10. Clever designers have found ways to fit storage, murals and even chandeliers into these tight sleeping spaces, ‘Pull yourself together’ or ‘thank you for transforming my life’? For what it's worth, I think it looks gorgeous in your final picture. In this video, I show you how to fill in gaps between hardwood flooring with wood filler. There should be trim covering the gap that is necessary for expansion and contraction. Beware Brazilian Cherry darkening tremendously with age, especially early in life. Yes...gaps are required even with glue. Had this been thought through, the floors would have gone down first and the finish on the fireplace would have been last. Hi, I have recently purchased a first floor flat in an old Victorian building and I am looking to replace the carpet. I've used this stuff on laminate and wood floors around odd cuts and brick work. Here is a picture. The boards are nailed to a frame, and downstairs there is just a gap of about 1 foot between the floorboards and the soil below! Press J to jump to the feed. Hi we have just had our conservatory plastered and he left a 2" gap between the floor and wall (purposely), but the draft that... Gap between double glazing and wall-very whistley! In this area there is often wood studs which are part of the homes’ framing. If a manufacturer tells you this will not happen, do some research to really find out from them why they say that. This type of gap (and level of "cuts") are completely acceptable for a floor that is about to receive BASEBOARDS or molding of some … On mobile so ill … Press J to jump to the feed. Step 1: Measure the gap between tub and floor tile. I'd just caulk it with translucent silicone and be done with it. Put In wood floors but there are gaps around the fireplace brick that we had to make to fit the planka on. However, if there are heat and soot are escaping from gaps between the fireplace and the bricks, this may be the sign that fireplace surround may need to be sealed. The sellers of pre-finished wood often want to sell the most durable thing they can...they don't want you coming back with complaints about durability. Ours wasn't done in that order. At this point, you need to find out what can be done. We are going for the modern minimalist look. What colors would look good with a natural parquet in a kitchen? For the fireplace/flooring junction, you need a transition piece of some sort. She said she doesn't want trim on it. In the winter, this can be achieved with a whole house humidifier that connects to the furnace. There's a gap between black slate(?) I am assuming these are the same brand of products - so color is the only issue. Solid hardwood vs. engineered hardwood - which is better? A gap between a baseboard and a floor seems like a fairly minor issue, and to a point, it is. Jan 4, 2020 65 Montreal. If it isn't flexible the floor will rip itself away from the glue and you have a bigger mess than you can imagine. It is true that decorative wood COULD have been used to get flush against the stone. The poster who claimed that the thicker the wood is, the harder it is, is totally incorrect. Would that work for you? To install, the planks have to be tilted then slid it, then lifted to a 45-degree angle, then laid flat. No matter what gap you’re trying to close, the first thing to do is measure the length of the opening. Fireplaces come in two general types: masonry fireplaces and factory built (prefab) fireplaces. gap between doorway casings & new hardwood floors There's a noticeable gap (about 1/4") between our new hardwood floors and pre-exisiting entryway casings (no doors hang on them). But you'll get much more satisfaction out of it every time someone comes to your house and comments on how great it looks. Unless this existing floor is glued down on a slab of concrete (no basement or other living level immediately below this one), the existing floor, if properly installed, is running as it should perpendicular to the existing joist system (truss or solid or lam, no matter). The impregnated floors, particularly, are subject to uneven color board turns more pink with age, and the one next to it turns more orange. Hide the Expansion Gap. He has told me that it would be expensive to gain access to the gap between each stud and blow in insulation. Dark floors are pretty popular with clients but as you mention usually going with white or painted cabinets. To figure out which you have will take only a moment of detective work on your part. Place the flooring boards against the fireplace and staple or nail them into place. wsea is correct. I used hi temp silicone to seal the gap between the board and the fireplace in case an ember fell in there. And regarding another's post, running on the diagonal does create a bit more waste and higher labor (not that much), but unless those increases blow your budget, I don't see that as reason to not do it...other considerations carry more weight. It does have a kind of finishing piece not just end of the wood pieces but it's flush no trim. Our wood floor expands in the summer and contracts in the winter, just like all the wood in our house. My tendency would be to suggest the angled installation as much more interesting, if it didn't create problems. Put In wood floors but there are gaps around the fireplace brick that we had to make to fit the planka on. Gas lines generally come out of the floor or wall and extend several inches out from the wall or up from the floor. Thanks for all the input pals. Close. Sorry i neglected to look at the fireplace picture which obviously won't get baseboard. Engineered hardwood withstands the switch in temperatures better due to its different layers. How to install sheet metal in cabinet doors. Should get it done this week, ill let you know how I butchered it. Hi,thanks for reading my question :-) I have just moved in to a house with UPVC double glazing fitted around 2002 (so no... Gap between floor boards and wall. Its usually a silicon based caulk so it stays flexible and they have a lot of shades so color matching is easy. It would have covered the gap (with 1/32" of a gap between bottom of the stone and top of the floor). With the fire place BARE of stone (just the bottom layer) you reinstall the wood planks as tight to the vertical surface of the hearth as possible. He suggested sealing the crack on the inside as the most cost effective way to improve the comfort in this room. Would Joint compound work or do I need to plaster? I cannot figure out what these gaps … That is how it should be done. I would want to talk to you about that one directly, and would be happy to if you happen to live in the DC area. Your baseboard will cover the gap. Posted by 7 years ago. After having our floors sanded and varnished, we didn’t want to risk messing them up again with caulk, so we decided to use some window sealing tape to fill the gaps. Unavoidable. Blaze King Princess, Osburn 1600 insert. When gluing hardwood you need to use a VERY flexible glue (that's why it is $1 - $3/sf for the glue alone!!!!!). On mobile so ill edit in pictures. Some prefinished woods are basically impregnated with ceramic powder to make them harder and more resilient. There's no perfect solution. Not sure what to fill gaps between wood floor and fireplace with. Expand Signature. of fireplace and white woode If you buy prefinished wood, however, this can be a bit of an issue...the refinishing. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. You need to leave a gap for expansion. Notes to homes around the country hit us where we live, An experienced house flipper puts his creative talents to work on an L.A. remodel designed for his own family, Know how to apply nail polish? You generally have three options for fixing gaps in a floor: To avoid seasonal gaps, you can limit the variation in humidity in the house. Once that was removed and the LVP installed there is about a half inch to 3 /4 inch gap between the exterior door jamb and the floor. Jan 6, 2020 #10 rwhite said: As I read the manual it's fairly clear. Dark Hardwood Floors vs. Light Hardwood Floors? In contingency period of home purchase and seeking advice. I would fill it with caulking or a color match caulking/filler in a tube such as Color-rite. Sharon- Thanks for the follow. That would have been possible if the order of the build was reversed. Second, cherry changes color DRAMATICALLY, especially in the first year. Someone forgot to tell "boots on the ground" that he had to do something around the fire place. So, on the 45 is definitely a great idea unless it creates other issues. They make molding for that. The best you can do is get some flat trim, stain it to match your floor, and then scribe it against the brick. Depending on the entire space that you would be covering, this may be an elegant design alternative...I do notice a column with a face at 45 degrees to the camera lens in the background, so you could align with that.