E. [email protected], Copyright © 2004-2020 Frans Lanting | Frans Lanting, Inc. | All Rights Reserved |. This southwest African country recently proclaimed its entire coastline as a national park. Join photographer Frans Lanting and videographer Chris Eckstrom on a wild desert journey through Namibia. Soon after, he began photographing the natural world–and never … Save Our Shores is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 2016 LOOK3 TREES Artist Frans Lanting has documented wildlife from the Amazon to Antarctica to promote understanding about the Earth and its natural history through images that convey a passion for nature and a sense of wonder about our living planet. Frans Lanting has been hailed as one of the great photographers of our time. Lanting’s fine art prints are represented in many public and private collections, and he has had more than one hundred solo exhibitions at museums and galleries around the world. He earned a master’s degree in economics then moved to the United States to study environmental planning. Lanting’s work has been commissioned frequently by National Geographic, where he served as a Photographer-in-Residence. Life. (Frans Lanting/ lanting.com ) For International Day of Forests today, we’re looking at a baobab grove in Senegal. Soon after, he began photographing the natural world–and never turned back. Lanting did pioneering work in Madagascar, where he documented wildlife and tribal traditions never photographed before. His influential work appears in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world. Drawings for the signed open edition print of your favorite photo will be held on January 7th, 2016. About National Geographic Society The National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit organization that uses the power of science, exploration, education and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. Frans Lanting is one of the greatest nature photographers of our time. Frans Lanting (born July 13, 1951) is a National Geographic photographer, author and speaker. On August 25, 2012 a special concert version of LIFE was held in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam celebrating 50 years of the World Wide Fund for Nature. Proceeds from the show will benefit the marine science education and conservation programs at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center at UCSC’s Long Marine Lab nextcity.nl – platform for nature inclusive and biodiverse cities The vision of nextcity.nl offers quality of life for all species. Frans Lanting ‘s influential work has appeared in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world. Be sure to send in your gift before the year ends. Then, thanks to years of exposure to the photographs of Paul Nicklen, Frans Lanting, Christina Mittermeier, and others with their urgent stories of polar ice cap melt and threatening of our beloved species, and combined with her love of watercolor painting, an idea germinated with our Founder, Wynn Derr, and she began to paint and research our story. Frans Lanting collaborates with the Puma Project to document the lives of mountain lions in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Lanting's wife Christine Eckstrom is a writer, editor, producer, and works on joint books of nature photography. This may include any local, state, and federal court documents, sensitive legal information and any litigation Frans may have been involved in. The book is cased with cream-colored linen cloth and features Lanting’s classic image, “Elephant at Dawn,” in a beveled inset on the cover. Join us for a new presentation by renowned photographer Frans Lanting and his partner, Chris Eckstrom, about the wonders of wild Africa. The LIFE symphony premiered in Santa Cruz, California, and continues to tour North America and Europe. Lanting’s photographs take creatures that have become ordinary and transform them into haunting new visions,” writes acclaimed field biologist Dr. George Schaller in The New York Times. In 2001 H.R.H. During journeys over the past 30 years, they have documented the wildlife and natural heritage of some of the most celebrated landscapes on Earth. LIFE: A Journey Through Time is Lanting’s lyrical interpretation of the history of life on Earth from the Big Bang to the present. The Into Africa Collector’s Edition is limited to 250 numbered copies, each hand-signed by Frans Lanting on a vellum tip-in sheet. A traveling exhibition, Frans Lanting: LIFE began in fall 2006 at the Dutch natural history museum in Leiden, Netherlands. Summary: Trevor Lanting currently lives in San Francisco, CA; in the past Trevor has also lived in Oakland CA. “Mr. www.bapp.org View images, watch videos, learn about our travel tours and workshops or browse our available fine print collections. He studied economics at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam and later immigrated to the United States. His assignments have ranged from a first look at the fabled bonobos of the Congo to a circumnavigation by sailboat of South Georgia Island in the subantarctic. Lanting gives an Artist talk at the Paramount Theater for the 2016 Festival. The Into Africa exhibition was launched at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., where it was on display for more than a year and was seen by more than three million visitors. He has lived for months with seabirds on isolated atolls in the Pacific Ocean, tracked lions through the African night, and camped among giant tortoises inside a volcano in the Galápagos. Responsible for all client communications and maintenance of partner relationships. Frans Lanting makes his home in Santa Cruz, California, with his wife and partner, Chris Eckstrom, an editor, videographer, and former staff writer at National Geographic with whom he collaborates on fieldwork and publishing projects. The Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP) seeks to shed light on critical conservation challenges facing the puma, or mountain lion, and works to engage the public through creative tools and interactive education. Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, he earned a master’s degree in economics then moved to the United States to study environmental planning. Lanting’s mission is to use photography to help create leverage for conservation efforts ranging from local initiatives to global campaigns, through his publications, alliances, public appearances, and active support of environmental organizations. Frans Lanting His influential work appears in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world. 108 High Road Career A 2005 exhibit in the Field Museum of Natural History entitled Jungles focused on the plants and animals of the rainforest. Frans Lanting has inspired generations of artists and ecologists with his photography and environmental advocacy. His influential work appears in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world. Lanting has received many honors for his work. He is also featured in Outdoor Photographer, Audubon, and Life. He has received top honors from World Press Photo, the title of BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award. Lanting was born in Rotterdam in Netherlands . Lanting's wife Christine Eckstrom is a writer, editor, producer, and works on joint books of nature … Other family members and associates include Daniel Trowbridge and Kaitlin King. We have lots of information about Lanting: religious views are listed as Buddhist, ethnicity is Asian American, and political affiliation is currently a registered Republican. Yann Nicolas Director / Administrator / Educator at Triskell Photography, Frans Lanting Inc., Mountain Light Photography. Lanting’s work also includes profiles of ecological hot spots from India to New Zealand, as well as features on the majesty and plight of albatrosses, the nearly extinct Asiatic cheetahs in Iran, and a remarkable study of chimpanzees in Senegal that is shedding new light on human evolution. “He has the mind of a scientist, the heart of a hunter, and the eyes of a poet.”. Soon after, he … The fruit, seeds, and leaves are all edible, and in Tanzania, the wood pulp is a fermentation ingredient in local beers. In 2012 only, Lanting was made the ambassador in Netherlands’s World Wide Fund for Nature.He also became International League of Conservation Photographers‘ Fellow.. Frans Lanting has won several awards including World Press Photo, 1988 and 1989; Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 1991; Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, 1997; Nature and Environment … Lanting's recent exhibition, The LIFE Project, offers a lyrical interpretation of the history of life on Earth. The LIFE Project was launched as a book, an exhibition, and a multimedia symphony with music by Philip Glass. He now lives in Santa Cruz, California and operates a studio and gallery, as well as a stock photography services. “Once upon a time, he told me, all animals on Earth were one,” Frans explained, “Even though they look different on the … Check Full Background Profile to see if Frans has lawsuits, liens, evictions or bankruptcies. 2008 – Photographer of the Year, Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association, 2018 - Wildlife Photographer of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award, This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 09:24. These are awarded to distinguished persons having, from their position or attainments, an intimate connection with the science or fine art of photography or the application thereof. Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, he earned a master’s degree in economics then moved to the United States to study environmental planning. (Frans Lanting/lanting.com) Hunters Reflected, Botswana, 1989 In the zebra's green eye, there is a hint of a reflection of the trophy hunter, a hunting guide and Lanting.

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