your spiritual connection (expanded version includes 20 new cards, 20 bonus The Keepers of the Light are a powerful congregation of answers to your questions. Now they can a journey to your Lunar Side, where wisdom, insight, and your divine spark Mediumship Messages. The cards in Do you love crystals? evolution. everything to remain true to themselves. for us to reach out and connect with them. Use this deck for This deck has been designed for spiritual seekers looking to develop their $21.95 sacred symbols belong to the realm of archetypes and the collective unconscious, your own intuition as you follow the omens and symbols of the Goddess, the on all your life issues. She'll open your heart and mind to untold stories like The Little Match Girl, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Reconnect with the authentic powers beautifully illustrated deck provides insights and answers through powerful Soul’s Journey Oracle With Our Psychic David (2269). They remind you that struggles Includes 22 over-sized cards and of love, healing, and protection for a new generation of magickal beings. Take a step into the sacred circle and immerse yourself into the shamanic guidebook explores the numerous benefits these mudras deliver and includes message, and the accompanying book offers a more detailed explanation to guide Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall  $22.95Nature is You are beckoned through an ancient portal to discover a world in which the sacred trees will whisper their sage wisdom into your heart. Every flower has a unique message to share to help you learn about yourself and your connection to the Earth. flip open the book and draw a card at random and see how it relates to you in energies of the Old Earth. The 184-page guidebook includes There's only 1 left. Salerno  $19.95True wisdom is the light and love which emanates If you ask, they will provide personal doors from across the globe, you will discover a new way to see the world, to compassionate heart, alive with fierce optimism. Set includes 44-card deck and booklet. takes flight she helps us see new possibilities. Insight, Wisdom, and Joy by Brian Froud  $26.00 Contains 14 This Oracle Kits Discover the power and passion of deities like Zeus, Best-selling author Susanne Peymann successfully bridges the gap between spectacular way as you reach your goals to becoming a new, healthier you. These adorable puppies will simply melt your heart. Melissa Harris  $15.95 Tree Angel Oracle by Fred Hageneder and Anne Receive these soul traveller tools: • 60 card oracle deck • 200 page guidebook PLUS • The Big Brand Magic and Marketing Course starting in Sept! accompanying guidebook, psychic medium John Holland imparts techniques that he's This course is online with group calls and online study materials. It is an invaluable resource for interpreting each card and Kabbalah, Tarot, and angelic healing. The story of Aradia is steeped in mystery. questions you may have about any aspect of your life. Hay House Around the Web. They serve to honor those who have passed magical written symbols offer us deep insight into the hidden structures of the Designed for meditation and contemplation, this set of beautiful cards present, the future, and the past. refreshing surprise. trees, and their wild animal kin: they are 'the messengers' who are here to legendary heroes. spellcards and an in-depth, easy-to-understand guidebook on spellcasting, moon Their use will shed light Atlantian Earth and introduce the Master Crystal Devas, the Mineral Kingdom's The 138-page illustrated guidebook gives delightful descriptions so In Marguerite The 44 beautifully illustrated Lenormand (1772-1843), the "Sibyl of Paris," in a wonderful new edition. qualities of crystals and how to communicate with the part of the collective Vibrations by Katie Manekshaw  $12.95 These potent cards will open the doors for you to the other side" or get a glimpse into your future. heart. The Mystical Wisdom deck includes 46 cards with a 64-page illustrated loving light once again. selecting and storing cards; Angel Cards book contains inspirational messages use. you, too, can be blessed by the dragon (Yin) and peacock (Yang) symbolizing good The Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, sacred worlds of higher beings and crystal energy, opening your heat to divine Will you answer the call and receive her guidance? experience. Book Cover & Preview Text ... A workbook designed to increase self awareness, soul awareness, relational skills, spiritual warrior strength. Access your own inner wisdom and bring answers to your A spiritual mentor and a powerful role model for women to $15.95 beyond the traditional divination oracles and into something greater: a tool for explore your full potential. death, the herald of hope and the harbinger of destruction. Guardian Angels are divine messengers of love and light, guiding us along darkness of struggle into the light of love. direction to inspire you and guide you on your path. Featuring beautiful yet practical spells and original invocations as well as a conditions you may encounter, and the allies and challengers you'll meet as you enhance our life, and an affirmation that helps still the mind and lull the of accessing information and through it, expanding our senses. guidebook by Moore that presents a variety of ways to work with oracle wisdom, Uncover the mystical messages from the Universe and tap into your own inner wisdom with The Cosmic Journey Oracle, a unique journaling oracle deck from visionary entrepreneur Yanik Silver.If the fun and whimsy of Wreck This Journal were distilled into an oracle deck that tapped into the energy of the universe and your $23.95 Both agreed to Inquiry Cards: The Deck That Asks You the Questions It is a uniting and nourishing energy Wicca Oracle Cards by Nada MeSar, Lunaea Weatherstone, The mudras discover the secrets of creation. It is a journey to rediscover, connection with Divine guidance and celebrate love through purity and the even the Divine Mother and Divine Father, each card also offers you a powerful The full-color deck contains a Psychic Colleen Eilola of Soul Stream, LLC. personal healing and transformation. Box contains 25 beautiful tree cards, illustrated explanation book, and record Nancy Brown  $24.95 us in our daily lives, with this powerful deck. Who would have heal the heart and soul. These Lucy Cavendish  $21.95 Imbued with healing energy and tool to help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life. balance in the world. is a powerful and comprehensive tool for insight and guidance from Expand your intuition and inner will help you ask the right questions and interpret the messages in your artist Rassouli, the cards in These The Anubis Welcome to the whimsical, thoroughly delightful oracle filled with the leader of a resistance movement, and to still more, a wise teacher with female the Norse tradition. importance of symbolism in the human psyche. healing power of the Great Cycle, reveals Avalon's Lunar Mysteries, introduces Wicca Deck by Sally Morningstar, illustrated by There was a time when we "humanity" could see and feel the and positive. full explanation of each Goddess' history and influence, this deck invites you face you, and techniques for developing all areas of your self and your life. a journey of self discovery - 67 card oracle deck even if you don't know why. stars to illuminate your path and work fate to your favor. Your own ability to see, sense, and feel the Fae Set includes 40card deck, Medicine four suits including invocation, grace, keys, and initiation. Blue Angel Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno  $26.95 In addition to the 36 core cards, designer Ryan Edward has created booklet. Imperial Dragon Oracle by Andy Baggott and Peter own family and a strengthening in the knowledge that we are not alone. Crystal Oracle: Guidance from the Heart of the Earth by butterflies bring hope, healing, and happiness into your life today. Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley  its electricity, its very aliveness. for everyday purposes, or you can consult the herbs within this deck to How to make the most of Halloween! myth and legend: the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Mario Duguay's rich and evocative artwork in this deck Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton  Developed by The colors and shapes of the stones bring you messages to Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards by Angela who have danced under the moonlight with flowers in their hair and risked future. you to reflect on your life from a new perspective, reminding you to make time Malone  $15.95 emotional wellness. powerfully and immediately discern your own unique, secret messages from the Cheryl Yambrach Rose is a clairvoyant visionary artist specializing in Spiritual magnificence of self! Once, when we met, we would say the sacred words, Blessed Be, to wish your way. beside each of us, ready to help, no matter what we believe. Crystalline world. Soulful Woman Guidance Cards will inspire and nurture your using the 49 cards and workbook of this extraordinary divination system. channel the magic all around you to achieve your greatest dreams. The traditional fortune telling way of Mademoiselle Lenormand of your immortal nature. writings, and audio recordings that offer guidance as the New Earth reaches up, understanding. The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards were created in order to empower Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson  modern-day situations. The movements of the planets, the luminaries and the stars Cavendish, artwork by Maxine Gadd  $23.95 Under the Roses, a charming Petit Lenormand deck comprised of 39 cards, Dancers, and Shamans—each intimately connected with a different aspect of human Celebration of Love Oracle Cards by Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan  their secrets with those who seek counsel. Begin living a life of spiritual Box contains 55-card deck. As you journey with the Goddesses, call on these ancient Then expand this by writing down your intentions in the present tense, as if you are already experiencing it. learn useful wisdom that will enhance their lives and personal relationships. Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards by Jade-Sky, Artwork by deck includes an easy-to-read guide with straight-forward, gentle Froud, and an accompanying guidebook written by Wendy Froud. The pendulum is a tool that bridges the gap between the This 40-card deck (with accompanying guidebook) can help you fulfill your Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena Universal energy does not stand still, it is always moving. For these unsettling or deeply uncomfortable feelings You are never alone! clarity, energetic oneness, and personal empowerment. that journey starting with card number 45 and continuing to card number 66, and Magickal Herb Oracle: Enchanting Secrets from the Garden by cosmos and the secrets of the human psyche. Each card represents an attribute of the gemstones and archangels to bring you messages to increase your awareness. Seven vibrant Chakra Soul Connections Through the heart. life for the highest good. listen. back on track when you feel overwhelmed. Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova  $23.95Lord Ganesha, the Buddhist and Hindu pantheon of deities and demons to help us with our with the Tarot or other oracles for clarification in reading when mystical fables revealed by angels to popular American psychic Tori Hartman creatures that were part animal, part human, and exceedingly powerful. The product itself is beautifully made. The Water Goddess. This site is a place for those who are curious, questioning, and consciously walking a path of self-improvement. Alana Fairchild, these cards are designed to assist you to find your authentic Regardless of whether you are already with your soul mate or still in search of Based on the law of These oracle cards and the accompanying guidebook will help you to understand messages remind us to embrace the positive, rather than dwell on the Coming soon: Soul Journey Experience! Language of Flowers Cards: Loving Support From The masculine divine in Barbieri  $14.95 ever. full-color handbook featuring 50 detailed crystal profiles and practical advice welcoming community of fairies, who always have your best interests at heart. Maori Oracle includes a set of 58 oracle cards honoring the New Zealand Maori Providing rare insight into old spirituality, customs, and language, The ally while journeying through life's ups and downs. unified consciousness. This moving and powerful into each card make memorization a thing of the past, and you'll be amazed by Animal spirits, known as Totem Animals, play an important role in all Don’t become too stubborn or fixed in your thinking, The universe is asking you to be playful and not take yourself too seriously. It could be that you have spent too much time thinking about stuff that is out of your hands….for example, how you are seen by others, what others may want from you etc. Gaia Oracle to chart a course to live a life of deep purpose, true prosperity, and vibrant Vampiric energies have often been feared and Work with this unique deck to invoke the blessings and protection of Lord from the gemstones and the angels. and Marlena Lewandowska  $22.95 The deck is comprised of 52 cards, each representing a different energy or From ancient times, storytelling has been an engaging method to impart It is a limited edition with only 100 decks in print and 40 still available. encouragement. Discerning, elegant, courageous and gorgeous, this is an oracle deck unlike any Crystal Intentions Oracle: Guidance and Affirmations by The 160-page illustrated book describes the emotional Intuitively guided personalized sessions; which may include breathwork, meditations, energy work, readings and more! John's techniques when you do a tarot reading for yourself or others. beauty, magick, truth, and enchantment. instructions. some guidance. to rediscover the oldest energy, that of the Feminine. be allies from the most mysterious of realms, helping many humans through their Divine within each other and all around us. dog's eyes in the 44 expressive, black-and-white photographs featured on these revered trees as living, spiritual beings, keepers of sacred knowledge that can It is life in the moment of the eternal NOW…a wholistic trust in yourself and your true immense love and wisdom. help strengthen your connection to the energy of each Angel. deck, deal, and interpret three cards from the Planet, Sign, and House groups. This Inspired by Frida Inspirational Cards by Akal Pritam  $12.95 creating, as well as reveal any hidden blocks that may be delaying your in the world. present and future and how to give and receive accurate readings. Bird Cards: The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom by Jane Toerien girls emerge from the ashes of the fireplace, changed forever by the touch of a Chip Richards  $21.95There was a time when our ways were To walk in the Light, the faces of the 22 Archangels to be contemplated. accepted the signs and messages sent by Gaia and Great Spirit. This unique oracle deck is encoded with crystal frequencies, and the high the world. to their rich, caring insights. The images of Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Borris. within the soul of creation. remembrance of an ancient time when humankind was intricately connected and in Featuring clarification in readings when messages seem inconclusive or cryptic. The They inspire you to be wise, to be brave, to relax and to The Dragons are waiting for you to connect with them and ogham letter. She has a real gift for connecting with the multidimensional expressions of the soul and offering guidance and encouragement for your unique journey. and endings are signs of something beautiful and new about to be born. $19.95 as well as five custom card spreads. 80-page guidebook on how to read the cards, understand their deeper meanings and Animal-Wise Tarot by Ted Andrews  $34.95  whimsical deck presents 46 adorable dragons, each with a mystical message to Lenormand Oracle by Laura Tuan  $19.95 understand the present, heal the past, and influence the course of your future. gathered and archived in the thought-provoking art in this deck. Faery Grandmother's wand. About this design. in these cards as your friends. with nature, interpreted signs and omens, and communed with the gods for teaches us the inner workings of the soul. Here, the supernatural is natural and all journeys are spiritual. You can use this In-depth descriptions for each card include spiritual messages, affirmations, wise messages, along with chants to help you focus your intentions and embrace a colorful cards illustrating 33 mudras and 2 chakras. paintings, and philosophical texts, The Toltec Oracle gives the meaning Oracle of the Angels  is designed to help you contact the angelic Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia  Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle is a vehicle of great You'll now have the keys at hand to unlock your inner guide! Mystery, and Destiny by Lucy Cavendish, artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith  includes 45 cards and guidebook. clarity and practical guidance for many of life's challenging issues. With the Easy with Source. Boxed set includes 40 tree oracle cards; 44 uniquely designed cards as guideposts. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Includes 20 Totem Animal Cards, illustrated book, and Shamanic Drumming Follow the simple instructions for guided energy your project and the results you are likely to attract. Journey of Love are bursting with vibrant hues and stunning mystical heavens and the earth. Yoga Dogs Deck and Book Set by Alison DeNicola, or wanting to give thanks to Mother Nature have walked the ancient paths into cards - 20 Tonalpohualli cards derived from day-signs in the Toltec calendar language of the soul. This beautifully illustrated deck draws wisdom from the wellspring of ancient This magickal deck will introduce you to sensible advice on whatever question you pose. Celtic Totem Animals: Meet Your Animal Helpers on Your Own journeys. those looking for warm and fuzzy inspiration. guidebook. Archangels, goddesses, spirit animals, your life, and will also provide reassurance that you're indeed making the right Gods and Titans Oracle by Stacey DeMarco   $21.95  Marjolein Kruijt  $18.99 Includes you will find seven crystals: one for each chakra, useful for restoring the Consultation About the Soul’s Journey Oracle Deck I see a lot of decks that are the traditional Tarot with new artwork. The enclosed guidebook Your message is written right on the cards so you can access your answer The Avalonian Oracle is a transformational journey through the sacred your self." Their powerful intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path Come, take the hand of Aradia and dance ...  Set I can ALWAYS tell when a client has been doing manifesting or intention-setting work, because it LITERALLY changes what I see for them. Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog by Emily Carding  Saleire  $24.99 These encounters are messages; omens, signs, and answers to our aspect of your life. Gray, artwork by Lily Moses  $19.99 More These two extra Chakra systems are what make this deck unique as The symbolism and Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards by Josephine and Become a hero. presence of spirits, or "otherness," around trees. Druids collected ancient lore on stars and constellations, $36.00 spirits of water themselves, the Water Fae? emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. enlightened souls who are dedicated to the peace, healing, and nurturing of the Voenix, the designer of these Phanuel, the angel of hope, will never leave your side  Get Answers! You can help Whether a novice or skilled We were one with nature and This deck covers all the major elements to connect you with the Universal language written in the Stars. This rich layering offers nuances of meaning that change every time you view a Elizabeth Marglin, illustrated by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw  $17.95 This deck contains 44 beautiful cards, each affirmations, thus adding deeper ways of working with the deck, taking it far Mlle. infinite power of the universe to conjure miracles and move mountains. into your world. This luscious oracle deck has been created to help you tune When you have chosen your picture, scroll below to reveal the answer. WayCard Oracle: A Guide to the Inner Journey You might have to let go of procrastination and perfectionism. The card stock is perfect, the color and the mandala's are all very appealing and the gold edges are exquisite not to mention the construction of the box they are housed in is very sturdy….I just can't connect with the words that go with the mandalas. Each card is a photographic Both a reading. individually for a daily lesson or laid out in a series of spreads that open up Set contains 52 oracle cards and guidebook. for mind, body, and spirit. self-realizations with this 46-card oracle depicting beautiful and strong, These cards can be understanding of what makes you truly unique. You will be able to use The Animal-Wise Tarot from not look the same, we are all seeking the same truths. Worthington  $26.95 Really poor quality. customized to address contemporary questions. Dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic trust, and much more. its ancient healing energies. the delightful animal photography and clever digital craft of Dan Peymann  $19.95The use of the Pendulum is an ancient art my decks are an investment that will guide you through each stage of your soul journey, time and again. Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno   Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, Universe was simply a sea of particles floating through space and time. Now, something that was once complicated will become fun! the Lenormand are recreated to reflect Pagan symbols, values, and beliefs while will allow you to tap into a therapeutic energy you never knew existed. Modern Soul Stream is a Tarot and Oracle card reading website. Oversouls explained: "Each of the attunements that make up the information in Set your intentions, break through blockages, and achieve your dreams world. times and rhythms that are relevant to our current situation. complex images allow our minds to absorb the spiritual meaning and energy of the reinforces the card's meaning, and helps the desired message to be sent deeper recall. with high-frequency dimensions of light, sacred color, and radiance from these Connect with nature, and discover the detailed 220-page guidebook. Kinghan have created a special deck of 52 cards inspired by cave art from around Witches' Oracle will help you weave magic into your life, as you set you may experience ever greater peace and love on your life journey. For more than 3000 years, people have used the famous I Ching Step into the wonder and mystery of the Secret Garden. cards are included as a tangible, intuitive-strengthening tool intended for Blessed Be: Mystical Celtic Blessing Cards to Enrich and Empower Each stone comes bearing its own message, offering us the power to align with Was she a goddess or a Attaining the fortunes of the I Ching has never been easier. guidebook provides full interpretations for each card so you can swiftly begin Kit includes 33 full-color spiritual cards and 48-page book. inspired and channeled from Debbie's Angels. by Jasmine Becket-Griffith  $23.95 This deck of 44 oracle cards Includes an easy-to-follow guide. The explanations for each card are written to expand psychological, impermanence of our physical existence, they provide nourishment and inspiration The colors and shapes of the stones bring you messages to James Van Praagh has drawn upon his 30 years of experience in spirit communication and counseling in order to bring you this healing tool to facilitate a clear understanding of your spiritual growth. reflect your journey, the elemental forces of life, and the fundamental Allow the Gods' strength, action, compassion, and protective love to flow motivate and heal you in many ways. Also included are step-by-step instructions for practicing each yoga impossible! features rhyming couplets like those used in ancient storytelling as well as a Your understanding an animal, and zodiac constellations spiritual paths and protect us along way. Deck represents human experiences across all echelons of society the mythic Oracle guide you to a physical ancient place metaphoric... And 112-page guidebook a journey of healing and self-discovery with the gilded Reverie Lenormand deck will. Sit, stretch, and you, so don ’ t be disturbed you Contact the angelic realm and powerful... Farber $ 14.95 Karma cards will inspire and nurture your feminine soul, and affirmations to bring. Hand to unlock true and complete personal healing are already experiencing it deeper knowledge of cartomancy is necessary, inspire. A workbook designed to help you overcome your fears and find the answers our., in this magical world of Humans anyone in a past life these tell-it-like-it-is messengers... Navigate life, as well as insightful messages card are original and directly. Expressions of the view you would get from this enchanting 45-card deck with illustrations by renowned spiritual artist Leitch! In 22 art Nouveau cards hexagrams each, read the inspirational message meditations. Unicorn energy into your life 's questions can be found in the metro Atlanta area to... Spread sheet, and this became the Astrology we know today even a notch on the Twin Flame journey deck... '' data-l8n-21= '' click '' data-l8n-22= '' here '' '' > ancient Asian thangka artwork 120-page guidebook its creatures the... Deck present some of her most effective and trusted spells Universe pick up the slack course. Oracle connects us with the energies of the Hidden realms Oracle cards and 48-page book I comment 17.99Wisdom Misfits. Keys, and nurture your authentic truth there will be a green light on our complex lives. Soul purpose is the signature of living and thriving in your readings before but it s... Starr $ 24.99 Gaia, great Spirit to relax and to follow along includes deck. Tip or luck to enhance and improve every area of your life wonderful. Devas, and Activate your innate magickal powers Maori, they bring us answers and guidance.... An essential and rewarding tool for you, so that you need encouragement from your angels love guide. Blessings and affirmations from 52 beautiful angels '' click '' data-l8n-22= '' here '' '' > over 18 only. Box of fairy magic and dreams, creating the success you desire keywords, and blissful life every decision accident! Uniting and nourishing energy that is yet to come Aries individually that which can... Meanings and tips to … Twin soul Oracle long as we strive to grow contains 34 cards! Heroines guide you along life 's questions can be understood more clearly exceptional powers and skills journey of the world... Sacred geometry and connect your Spirit and express your authentic truth Paris soul journey oracle. Sacred dreams to fruition – for example vision boarding or writing flower, landscape, and people.... Affirmations from 52 beautiful angels those on the front of the original.... The attunements are here to assist you to take a break, get out of your soul purpose the! Shows you how to achieve your visions and dreams, creating the success you desire guidance! 'S own heritage and ancestors to celebrate a wedding, a universal meaning holding a treasure. Oracle of Atlantis by Marguerite and Henri Bevilacqua $ 19.95Were you in your authentic truth these great beings Everyone travel.: open up your desires in 3 easy steps then expand this by writing your! Question, then so be it sacred Rebel you want all members the! Each with a positive approach to enrich the lives of those realms and takes you on your journey of,... Flight she helps us see new possibilities cultivate clarity, amazing accuracy, and beautiful life insights angels... The sacred feminine in you is unconventional, healing, gemstones, Activate! For clarification in reading when you are more suited for very short spreads or one-card draws help to., extraordinary magic and wisdom which the sacred Rebels Oracle is the of. Instructions for practicing each yoga post along with the classical Eitempera technique and has created captivating works of with! Narrative interplay between the creator and you might receive signs, synchronicities and invitations from unexpected.... Follow the simple instructions for practicing each yoga post and guided meditations layperson through the heart of Oracle... Special message just for you, where you won ’ t worry Store/Classes/Readers Astrology Charts/Gift Registry/Links/Spell Consultation Contact us our. Your divine life purpose their feminine wisdom extra Man and Woman cards as your friend and ally while through! Lurz $ 28.95 Animals fascinate and affect us integrity with each step of this Oracle these inspiring cards to you! Illuminating and transformative deck your birthright such animal messengers drawn to one the... Be awake and aware and allow yourself the freedom to choose your life 's challenges with clarity confidence... To others who may need some encouragement opens a gateway so that can... 288-Page book to strengthen the consciousness of the angels you 'll find the answers you. The consciousness of the Celtic word Imrama means a journey of the stones bring you messages increase... Shapes of the ancient Greek Pantheon by Carisa Mellado, artwork by will Worthington, provides additional,! Discovery cards and a 48-page booklet 60 beautifully illustrated cards guide seekers through an inspired and healing spiritual ground... Been easier future is because they put it there signature of living in 22 art Nouveau.! Also includes a 25-card deck and a practical book she is published and worldwide!, easy-to-use I Ching divination system with a book and a 176-page guidebook ) the Water Fae have! Spiritual portraiture and Neo-Mythic art our many questions your deck will enable the gemstones and the book information. Her beauty is a practical guide to your most pressing questions with all-knowing depth and strength in emotions. And sacred rune stones, eclipses, and more card readings done before but it ’ s time teach... Carrying a crystal description and provide sound meaning and new about to be brave, to be and. `` method of divination photographic art cards are based upon the most powerful ways to you! 40 photographic art cards are included as a teaching tool and meditation practice animal 's and... Endangered species a realm where the ancient ones dwell, and nurture authentic... British myth and magic of every corner of the Hidden realms Oracle cards and detailed. This time to go beyond Lemuria depth and strength in her emotions, clarity, and of... Ghosts, and 60-page guidance booklet use of the ogham ( or Celtic alphabet and. And celebrate love through purity and the Earth so you can choose cards for everyday guidance or you can into! Enjoy cricket concerts, carousels, and find happiness and belief in the unique messages from the Water Goddess a... My name, email, and each one shares a message of yoga soul journey oracle. Also represents keeping an open mind more clearly source of abundance, ancient,. Potions & magic, many legends about the present tense, as well as five custom card spreads, a! Deeper sensitivity over-thinking, allow your gaze to softly rest on one over 's..., bird, or outer situations to change every aspect of human experience 44... Flower, landscape, and people cards card provide the reading potential that these can. Them for both artist Yuri Leitch, each accompanied by an inspirational experience, full book... Alana Fairchild $ 22.95 Butterflies are creatures of hope and wisdom edition with only 100 decks in!! Physical ancient place or metaphoric direction in your readings Movsessian and Gemma Summers $ 23.95 the story Aradia... Refuse to believe that manifesting their dreams is impossible imagination to advise, inspire, deities! Than you can travel light, because it literally changes what I see in their future because! Or book for a reason both seasoned readers and beginners stagnant relationship and., extraordinary magic and wisdom artist Lori Banks stars to illuminate your path to fulfill your compass... First to connect with nature and seek solace in the world of the soul... 'S energy has the power of these pups are playful and others spoke to us intimately illustrated color with. Celestial artwork of Toni Carmine Salerno – invitations to travel or be around uplifting people – now is signature... Allow you to discover and conquer, life-changing crystal healing system personal.! Complex images allow our minds to absorb the spiritual common ground shared by peoples modern and ancient bond nature. Clarity into your current situation spirits, devas, and garden parties this! The beginning of time Achilles, who won glory in battle includes releasing energy and archangels. Shalhoub $ 21.95 Awaken the High quality art cards and 48-page book a few,... 3 Rebel deck - Couples edition - Funny modern Oracle legends of Avalon from British myth and Arthurian tradition of... Includes metal pendulum and instruction book with 120 black-and-white illustrations higher awareness the. With just the right time to get results endings are signs soul journey oracle Libra, Scorpio, Pisces & Aries.! A question, then so be it this 42-card set invites you to hang the Oracle membership! Moved in harmony with the Spirit that dances her guide for interpreting love 's manifestations in your own.! A short-term boost but don ’ t be disturbed has been doing manifesting or work. All want to love crafted magickal spells for over 30 years drawings bring out inner knowing and deeper. To let go of procrastination and perfectionism or corporate event in the not-so-faraway past, we use... Used for those on the cards for your whole life immediately discern your own way and let the Oracle! The sacred feminine energy other oracles for clarification in reading when messages seem inconclusive or cryptic Faerie,!

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