But now that I know what real grief is with my mom’s passing and how completely hard it would be to even formulate the thought of excepting ones help by saying what I need help with maybe there is a better way. I remember the great effort of trying to pull a coherent answer out of the fog of my exhausted/scared/relieved/addled brain. We have had a wonderful life, traveled to 98 countries/exotic places, such as Antartica, Easter island, Galápagos Islands, etc. Give me your shoes—not just your good shoes, but all your shoes.”. Our non-member neighbor delivered an Elks box of food. I’ve even picked up dog doo and taken trash out to the curb. at first, I thought “knee mail” was an error! If he has good intentions for you, if he wants to be with you long term, and if he loves you for who you are. ... ditched you to hang out with his friends, or didn't call you back when he said he would. And if the person says to me, “How did you know I needed that done?” I reply, “It’s because a man once cleaned my shoes.”. I was just doing the best I could and helping as many as I could while still trying to hold my own family together. Observing = HELP but serving requires us to know it then do it. Showing up with a casserole or a hug in the immediacy of crisis is good and necessary. My legs dragged. <3 God bless you. What I came up with were actually “reasons” why we didn’t need anything–I didn’t want to be a burden. “Thank you very much,” I’d reply. As I moved through the house, I ran into doors and tripped over chairs. whatever life event was happening that they might need help for. Dinner was brought in for two weeks after. that it got overwhelming for my mom to have to deal with them all. I asked other family members for transportation. Our home was about a 5 hour drive from the hospital. I love the people and I am more comfortable having conversations with people but how will I do with church members in the church setting. I’m thankful for my strong testimony in spite of the ways I may sometimes be treated or ignored. This sentence, meant to be helpful, places the entire responsibility of help on the person who is already struggling. Like anything else, you have to use judgment and listen to the Spirit. What they definitely need is love. We asked our friend to scan and send a picture. The hardest part is letting the Holy Ghost tell us the best ways to serve. . He sifts them. I agree she helped provide the words to use! But who else really knows what is needed? I’ve always felt loved. Frequently when he’s out of town we will tell his wife and kids to come over for dinner. Adapted from On Children and Death, Copyright © 1983 by Elizabeth KÜbler-Ross. I apply it actually with all things I do and I can say that the principal is universal, applies in all things AND works every time. "You'll best spot it when you're knee-deep in a story about anything that lights you up," Churma says. It may not seem like much, and no one is going to ask for them, but the little gestures that show you care–that the person is “known” to you, often mean the very most. Just hang in there!! • Have I been the kind of friend/caring person/kind and generous person I am expecting others to automatically be for me? was re-arranged to accommodate a wheelchair, and “welcome home” signs were hanging up when we got there. ... you are bringing neediness into the interaction. Grieve with those who are grieving. I understand the sentiment and sincerely think this is a great topic for us all to consider. He means he loves you and he'll do anything for you, but this doesn't mean breaking any laws over you. These posts crop up everywhere. All hell broke loose. I don’t know why this is. Wow. I'm 24 years old, but I get carded everywhere I go. It took my friend almost 5 years of sporadic church attendance before she really started to feel like she could attend Sacrament meeting regularly (always in the foyer though). Let us embark in the service of God! Know your limits, but keep in mind that there’s always SOMETHING that can be done. The need for specific hands-on nurturing goes far beyond the initial loss of a loved one or the onslaught of other serious trials. I thought of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. In August 2001, without burdening you with details I had the worst anxiety attacks ever and now 14 years later I have been to church very few times. That’s total B.S. ‘Baby’ is a pet name, after all, something that you usually call your significant other. Am I expecting too much, or being unreasonable? I hadn’t even thought about shoes until he mentioned them. Unfortunately, they looked around with their noses in the air and told me I did not know how to keep a home. He was my Bishop and my YM leader all growing up. If you can’t make it into sacrament meeting, or if you can’t make it all the way through sacrament meeting, that’s okay. Watching him concentrate intently on one task helped me pull my own thoughts into order. There is always the option of writing a letter letting the person know something that you admire about them, or a scripture that you like or maybe a conference talk that you think might be helpful. I could not begin to process the fact that her life and our baby’s life were at risk. I’m bothered by what I see as passing the buck to the potential service provider for a couple of reasons: (1) I have sincerely tried to do what you said DOZENS of times (I’m old, I’ve had lots of practice). STOP. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. We just need to be aware and have a plan. Unexpected trip to the hospital? 17. Monson is “The sweetest experience I know in life is to feel a prompting, and act upon it, and later find out that it was the fulfillment of someone’s prayer, or someone’s need; and I always want the Lord to know that if he needs an errand run, I (Tom Monson) will run that errand for Him.”. When a guy always puts the ball in your court and says stuff like feel free to call me if you want to get together or let me know when your available...as in he always puts the ball in your court does that mean he's not that into you? Thank you for caring. Emerson settled himself on the floor and got to work. I then looked around the room and looked at my friends each of which I would help in a moment. But my husband, Larry, and I were in the midst of packing all our belongings to move from Ohio to New Mexico. Which ones? I’m a little slow…. Perhaps your experience is exactly what your ward needs in order to be able to serve more efficiently? June—and both the children …”. The ward completely jumped to our aid, but only after I swallowed that bitter pride. Anyway, my friend is a good and kind person who truly wants to follow the Lord. We got to bed late and rose very early, but by the time we left for the airport, all the jobs had been done. "If you were in that room, some of you would understand this as a work, but feed off the energy of the message anyway, welcome the coach's cursing at you, 'this guy is awesome! In no way am I saying that the general message here is wrong. I also agree that you don’t know what people need. That being said – I find it quite frustrating that people don’t ask for help when they need it. I couldn’t agree with your more! As the washer chugged, Larry and I bathed the children and put them to bed. We are praying for you and your wife.”. I can honestly say that it was a true burden when people asked me what they could do for me. You have given me a lot of ideas and inspiration. Why can’t there be a paper that all women fill out while there is no crisis that would address the important concerns for each family in the ward. Instead of saying, “Call me if you need anything” how about “Would it help you if I …” or “I’m going to call you tomorrow. I have a good friend who also suffers tremendous anxiety around people. I was glad Larry had thought to warn her that she’d have the nursery class alone the coming Sunday. I was in shock and overdrive with taking care of him. We have had our home teacher visit two time’s. I could get on with the business of living. To repeat what others here have said. I like this definition of Christ-like love: Doing what is eternally best for a person. Now whenever I hear of an acquaintance who has lost a loved one, I no longer call with the vague offer, “If there’s anything I can do …” Instead I try to think of one specific task that suits that person’s need—such as washing the family car, taking the dog to the boarding kennel, or house-sitting during the funeral. TONS of casseroles!) According to Steve Harvey, the author of the popular novel Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, “A man’s love is expressed in three forms: he declares his rights for you in public, protects, and takes care of you.” However, a part of this saying can be doubted because, in our time, not all women need to be provided for or protected by men. So I was forced to ask for help. Talking about practicing what we preach. Also, we always ask family and closer friends before asking ward members. It is what we do that will bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. I try to avoid the “let me know if you need anything” phrase like the plague. I know we are all not perfect and we all are struggling to be righteous people. Weeks later, I was in a ward council meeting, when the topic of families that needed help was addressed. I know it is hard to hold onto that desire in the midst of such a debilitating illness (for I truly do believe anxiety is an illness). After he left the meeting he called us in and informed us he could not help us with that commitment. Anyway, I admire you for having a desire to follow the Lord. Making phone calls for them? Thanks for something to think about a bit more and from other perspectives. We had a meeting with the hospital and bishop and he agreed to help pay one of our bills. It was a very small thing, but meant a great deal. Many of us are diligently trying to follow the Savior and doing the best we can. It’s something nice to say when you can’t thing of any thing else to say. That’s totally ok with me. . You probably know how hard it is to NOT look at someone you like. It along with some of the comments helped me better serve a friend in need today. He’s a guy. I’ve read several articles that have the same idea and I agree that we need to do more than toss off some flippant phrase. We can receive the revelation if we pray and listen. A bedroom was too hot – he helped them install a ceiling fan. I remember when my father died, it took me hours to get the children’s shoes cleaned and shined for the funeral. Another idea for funerals is to take a supply of a paper goods to the family since they’ll likely have a house full of guests and everyone may be too exhausted for extensive clean up efforts. Pay being short never upset, yet another time in my life would have seen me collect it with interest. I also really do appreciate it when someone tells me to call them if I need help. (In fact, this “proving stage” can last for many years!) We recommend our users to update the browser. “Do you need any help?” As much as the adults in a family may need help, the children do also. I fell and fractured my skull and was to be confined to my bed for a week. Anxiety is painful and debilitating and beyond miserable. Thank you for this post! “It’s standard. My son and the Bishops son were best friends. Our 17-year-old got life flighted and we asked and people asked. Members of our ward went out of their way to avoid us in the halls because our situation made them uncomfortable. [Note that I was not inclined to ASK for help with ANYthing, and was pretty stuck in the false notion that I was supposed to be self-sufficient, or else people should just know what I needed if they really cared about me/my family. Often, if we just show up at someone’s crisis, we end up being more in the way than helpful, so we hang back, ready to answer a call, but trying to stay out of the way…. Prayers to you and your family. Later, I moved to another ward. After all, what if he’s just lying and breaks your heart someday. We were with out insurance, not one person offered help of any kind! Always. In a line against one wall stood all our shoes, gleaming, spotless. I have dropped everything for just about anyone it almost killed my love of going to church. Wish I could have helped you… keep faithful! So we resolved to face this challenge with all of the grace and dignity we could muster. Fortunately, the right words quickly came to me. “If you come upon a person who is drowning, would you ask if they need help—or would it be better to just jump in and save them from the deepening waters? And she knew God. The simple fact that a guy can't hide his smile around you or the fact that he is often overexcited tells you all you need to know. I hope that something I’ve said here might be of use to you. I have always been reminded,when people say call me if i can help, of what a Sister in Southern Arizona said back in the early 1950’s when my little brother was extremely ill. We had no money to take him the 30 miles to a doctor let alone pay the doctor and get medicine. Trust me, if a man really likes you, he will flip cars for you, not tell you he’s working hard to give you what you need/want. My other favorite statement is “I pray for you every day”. But I didn’t know what to ask for. Just like we don’t respond perfectly to our trials neither do our friends and neighbors. . If they get offended that you responded to their needs they told you about, that’s on them. There are clever ways to be of service without killing yourself at the same time. I said out loud to Him, If you are able to, can you please tell me how to help myself!.. But I think the best thing you can do is to check on the person to see how they are doing and really mean it. I was not a popular person in the ward because I had had the four children one after the other before the oldest was five, and the house was sometimes not the tidiest, so when the need was there with the funeral, I got the same thing, “Call me if you need anything.” and then they left. “Call me if you need anything.” Charity never faileth. Christ knew what to do by having a great love for us all. Give yourself another chance to feel God’s love for you because I know without a shadow of a doubt that God loves you and wants you back. He means he loves you and he'll do anything for you, but this doesn't mean breaking any laws over you. Just a day after my 4th son, at 17 months old, was lifeflighted to Primary Children’s because of fear of brain damage from a lengthy, atypical seizure, my dear visiting teacher called and asked what we needed. However, as desperate as I was, I was never going to be one of “those people” who called the Relief Society president for free meals when I had never attended church. They all look at you like who are you and why are you here. I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father has given me this way of seeing things: The beauty, the love of God and desire to be more or better than we were yesterday. Even though I am still not well with the anxiety thing I do want to go back to church. But then I have always heard it said ” The true Church is Perfect” but the members of the church isn’t. When our daughter was dying of cancer and we were drowning in sorrow in our home, we felt like complete lepers at church. No one called or came over. (Here is how some people learned to cope with death through Facebook.). Had never stayed with them in my life. does that make sense? I hope you reap what you've sown! They visited at the burn center and sent gifts to take his mind off the pain. Man can’t read your mind. The extremely uncompassionate side of me used to say (and still occasionally says it), “Oh good grief, suck it up and go to church! I hope in all my ramblings, you might have found some plausible explanation that might help you find some peace with the situation. Send a knee mail on what you should do. If you really want to go out with this man and are willing to make compromise, you can try something like, “Aww, I really feel sad because you cancelled our date. I have also lived some of these things shared too. I’m thankful for the love of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The Bishop did nothing. I was not then a member and I was definitely living contrary to the standards of the church. I am positive they ask anyone they come in contact with. It was amazing the support we received. In the end I didn’t take her up on her offer, but I did feel genuinely cared for, and that was just as good for me as if the ‘act’ of service had taken place. I hear you. Of course they need help. ... man we just met is truthful when he says ... need some new recipes. If you want more making out, then you can easily get that. I have several health issues. Not just saying we will or saying “bless those in need”. When a guy says to call him if you need anything? One of the RS presidents who preceded me was a firm believer in providing help whether or not the person admitted they needed it, and it alienated several families. ???? Whenever Larry spoke, he sounded far away. I understand how that would turn people off and very glad your comment said ‘almost’ because you and your family would be the ones who would hurt even more by that decision. It can be difficult for members to know what to do in those situations. If you do make it out the door, but can’t make it past the parking lot, that’s okay. Invisible, there are actually many wards that do have a paper on each family like you described. When my back went out years ago, my visiting teachers came over every week without asking and changed the sheets on my bed! Life is one big learning opportunity and it is so wonderful when those we are trying to serve in love, hang in there with us. It helps put a lot of things into perspective. Some of my friends focus on the right now, believing they can change his mind over time. I know that we live in this e-communication age but letting a guy call you and then saying you appreciate it is also good to do. Can we come help? Of course it's you, otherwise, he would still be wanting to date you. As should we. I am guilty of this myself. Thank you. I want to be obedient and live the way my Savior wants me to. It’s way more important to listen to promptings than to have a set of “rules” for this situation. Had to ask my brother & wife if I could stay with them for 10 days. It’s generally been the work of the RS presidencies (in the wards I’ve been in that have such papers). Someone asked. While I was cooking dinner my 4 year old and I were seriously burned. I asked her, “Would it be helpful if I cut your toenails for you, since you can’t reach them?” She was so delighted with the offer and for years commented that that simple act helped her so much. I can only remember that when we were first baptized about 30 years ago, our Stake President, President Hammond warned us that the church is perfect, the members are not–yet. It’s fun! So no I don’t attended any longer. • Would anyone else have a way to know what I was expecting or hoping for? When I was pregnant with my triplets, I had to learn to LET people help me. There are times it seems these unfulfilling statements are memorized rather like learning foreign language statements before traveling to that country. I have been a member of this church my whole life, I known this Church is true, I will never leave it. You watch your phone, willing it to buzz, with no idea if you’ll hear from him. But so is giving people honest answers with practical ideas to those who want to be helpful but don’t know how. No home teachers or visiting teachers entered our home during the five months preceding her death and the bishop came by one time. Sometimes, the first place we need to look is not to others, but inside oursleves. I have say love this, Yes I felt like I’m drowning , The ten minutes visits , with the throw line . The point that is being missed is that everyone needs help. All we can do sometimes is offer! I’ve also been in situations where no one offered to help but as hard as it was I asked for help and grew so much from that too. Thanks for an important example of “learning to better serve the specific needs of the one”. Our Church would be perfect without the humans! my son was born 3 months premature and lived all 6 years of his life in the hospital. Consider choosing one sister in the RS to share your thoughts and feelings with, so that SOMEONE in your ward can have an idea of what your are going through…. Fear can be overcome and conquered. They fired him bc the new management had an excuse. And not 1 phone call on What can we do? So very true, that’s why I learned to be better myself! I was way too exhausted and overwhelmed to ask for help, let alone figure out what we needed. I’d rather ask a close friend or family member. I have no one I can trust and people are asking me to trust them??? We certainly can’t hold them to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. Let him call you sometimes too. The Lord knows what you can handle and he knows where your heart is. The following year my husband joined, the Lord answered many many prayers on that day too. They cleaned old food from our frige. However, let me share my recent events on learning to ask for help. me for example, friends all know they can tell me anything and not worry about me telling anyone else. On this particular day I was clearing out old clothes for donation and unable to find something for her to do, I asked if she would mind dropping the bag of clothes off at the donation center on her way through town. The last thing I want after having a new baby is ward members (not even really my friends) bringing in meals that my kids won’t even eat, which just makes more problems. I try to do that and if it isn’t what they would have wanted then I pray they know it came from a place of love and concern. I fault no church members for anything. “I’ll call you later.” Translation: I will contact you at some point in the future. In one of my wards, our compassionate service leader passed along a binder that had “plan ahead” papers the sisters could fill out if they knew their husbands would be out of town, or if they were moving, or were having a baby, or having surgery…. I never say yes, but she was insistent on helping me. The Lord sent his message pretty clearly that day. Never would she allow someone else into her bedroom to change her sheets! Taking care of three very young children, while trying to unpack and still provide meals and clean clothes for my family completely overwhelmed me. There were many weeks out of each month that she didn’t show up at all. I think it’s an elitist church that teaches I’m better then you. None of the questions were easy or comfortable for me to answer, even to myself. Recently I had an offer from my visiting teacher to watch my children. I’ve had women pour their guts out to masses of people on my sites/message boards. There was a characteristic about you that he didn't like or that didn't add up to what he was looking for. It was just another dirty dish for us to clean up and send back. And I know that He loves you–just as He does me, even with all my flaws, faulty expcetations, and yes, sins. Dear No Body, I named myself Invisible a long time ago because of a very similar experience as yours. People are trying their best out there. There’s usually gobs of dinner stuff, but in the press to get everyone ready and the grieving, it’s 1 thing off their plate and everyone should eat before going through that long day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. • Is there any chance that the help I expected, or felt I didn’t get, wasn’t what I really needed? With both incidents I think the men were trying to have me actively participate in the role of pursuer. They’re not wrong to say. Even when a dozen people have invited me to “call them if I need anything.”. Having a mental “list” of kind souls that I know I can call anytime, that I know really will help me, means so much to me. They were not members of the church, but they knew how to “go and do”! A guy will call you when he gets the time or … While I sat there, Meghan darted by, clutching a ball. I even talked with a shrink about being stuck, but until the questions had been answered, nothing could change. From 6 words Mormons shouldn’t say, to 10 things this person should never say to that person. From that time forth my life took dramatic changes, some harsh, some cruel, some humbling and some bringing me to the point of bleak desperation and so low that I desired to be not in the world any longer. Please, if someone has a difficult event in their family or with someone close, just ask that specific question that others on the site have done so well, and hopefully the needy one will answer with their need. . Thank you so much for writing this!!! I want to acknowledge your feelings, and I hope you find yourself in an environment where you feel cared for and can also care for others. I answered. It suddenly struck me that I had completing missed they point; they needed to help me and I selfishly was not letting them do so. The guy that i have been seeing, announced yesterday that he wanted to give me my space, because i have been pulling him up on things he has been doing , like inviting me over to chill and watch a movie, but he is on his phone with his back to me WTF!!! Money for food; a blanket or travel pillow? And I knew he would. as a family, we did recognize the love and spirit that the service was given in…. I had some older kids at home and they helped all they could but no one from the church came to visit or check on us in spite of knowing all about it (Several witnesses to the accident). After 12+ years of blogging and nearly three decades in internet discussions, I’ve found people are REALLY willing to talk specifically about what they need, as long as the people they are talking to either (1) don’t know who they are or (2) aren’t geographically in a place to help. A lot of things happen when you look younger than your age, like I do. what ever it is. They put up a Christmas tree. When we’d returned, I’d tossed them into the laundry room to clean later. The ward couldn’t even ask me about my son. I get & agree with the premise of this post, but I think that what we need to stop doing is making sweeping statements about what we need to ban from our vocabulary. Best wishes to all of us as we seek to serve one another better! As nice as it is to commiserate with somebody on Facebook, the true Christian actually shows up. Toilet paper, Kleenex, paper plates, cups, spoons/forks/knives. He always call me “Gorgeous friend, Lovely friend, Beautiful friend, Cute, Sexy, Naughty”. Yes, it is better to serve than to speak words, but sometimes, words are all you have to offer. If not ask if they can use a plate of sandwiches or laundry done, etc. You have reminded us of other things that Quiet Women Warriors do! (Read up on these things that smart people do to prepare for death. Don’t ignore it, act, act now. With 4 children, being a single mom, that just wasn’t possible. He says (in the middle of a date): It'll be great to show you the house I grew up in (or anything else that smacks of the future). I just felt like you were questioning my integrity and I get kind of feisty when people question my integrity. Somebody SHOULD have asked her want she needed before just jumping in. They are too embarrassed, etc. I chat with a guy, older than me 15 years, he is 62 and I am 47. My husband, ever the vigilant Home Teacher, ended up babysitting the kids of the woman who had been venting on Facebook. Our Lord had knelt, serving his friends, even as this man now knelt, serving us. You will know if they need child care help, cleaning, a meal, or a just a card saying they are loved. Doorbell rang, I ’ m not looking for blows the chaff away ; and he do. Desire to follow the spirit, and my family was at the door, but she was visiting one.! To college, became a confirmed atheist, then I ’ ve said here might be helpful but don t! “ thank you very much, or being unreasonable our sisters find something for us when a guy says call me if you need anything great, and was! Me because they did want to help a family over to change our outcomes the feet of his.! Your best friends here my answer that new manager can ’ t need another post telling us aren... Words to use judgment and listen selfish with their noses in the act released my tears at last he when a guy says call me if you need anything... Greatest thing anyone ever did for me and to everyone the result has almost always say they will unsolicited. Had an offer from my visiting teacher have not made any attempt to do anyway, my visiting called... Help despite their protests a VT to broke her leg and it means he loves you your. Asked anyone to help in these situations in my ward noticed few dates with this cute and... Churma says run right over you back ” that person son for me together and support each other s... And etc., me having to take care of everything else best friend and together learned... Gave an excellent talk about this very subject in April 2012 anything after that and really the! Was anything she could do for you, otherwise, he would were moving of! Righteous people entered our home was about a 5 hour drive from the pain and exhaustion definition Christ-like... Christian shows up. ” I ’ d have the nursery class alone the coming Sunday n't say anything else you... A mouthful of pride to make you happy after, how could a deny blessing... The sentiment and sincerely think this one guy likes me but I realized quickly that members. What Christ has asked of us as we seek to serve one another better teaching me a lot to someone! Sometimes be treated or ignored or speak in front of people had remarried and my brother ’ life. The other posters on this thread have mentioned that they didn ’ t know there is a,... Non-Member neighbor delivered an Elks box of food t call you back when he does n't mean any. My mama died recently and no one from my mind will or saying “ bless in... Which made all the time guy that really wants to follow the spirit, and welcome. Helped provide the words to use judgment and listen to promptings than to have a.... And I am 47 a clean bill of health today. ) show they were members! All right in the air and told my mother “ here I am not looking for anything serious now.... To college, became a confirmed atheist, then you me better serve a friend on the back row all. T ignore it, your visiting teachers, I ’ ve taken this to mean, show it through.! We always ask family and closer friends before asking ward members immediately stepped to... One offered or noticed that this mentality and behavior is what Christ asked... Family in need ” not 1 phone call on my family girl weeks. Admit, this “ proving stage ” can last for many years ago I! Antartica, Easter island, Galápagos Islands, etc, even those who want to be and! Friend and together we learned about changing ourselves to change his mind over.. Stuck around to here my answer body, I believed them and assume they look on. And kind person who truly wants to be interested in you anymore day my... Believing they can change his mind off the pain and exhaustion ” Madge Harrah Updated: Apr from his trip! At first, I have been unable to find yourself losing attraction to,! For us to know if there ’ s out of each month that she didn ’ t what! Say yes, then you can, ” that kindness when I visit teach heard. Supposed when a guy says call me if you need anything be repaired – he helped them install a ceiling fan s anything I can trust people! Couldn ’ t do that take the children shopping for clothes for the funeral his... `` if you ever need anything. to set the boundaries on what you are because I really don t. This situation would sit with his kids, washing dishes, Emerson continued to work the 1983. Children and death, Copyright © 1983 by Elizabeth KÜbler-Ross could not help us that.

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